About Us

As a production company with roots in Michigan, Memphis, Los Angeles, and New York, SAVE THEM WILD DOGS aims to build cinematic, storytelling, and artistic bridges between the Midwest/Mid-South, the coasts, and beyond. Our mission is to create great content by promoting artists and stories that might be otherwise overlooked. We love characters on the margins, outsider points of view, big city dreams, and small town intrigue. Sustainability is a key value for SAVE THEM WILD DOGS. We strive to produce content in a manner that cares for our ecological and human resources.

SAVE THEM WILD DOGS has completed our feature film UP ON THE GLASS, now available to view in North America via distribution through Gravitas Ventures (released September 8th, 2020) and in the UK via Miracle Media (released August 2021).



"With compelling performances and strong direction, Up on the Glass will keep you on the edge of your seat, as the unbearable tension builds to a terrifying and unforgettable conclusion. It will make you think twice about the things you covet and the lengths you’d go to get everything you’ve ever wanted — only to discover contentment may not lie on the other side of aspiration." -Stephanie Malone, Morbidly Beautiful

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