Film Production



UP ON THE GLASS is the first feature film produced by Save Them Wild Dogs. It is now available to view in North America through Gravitas Ventures.

UP ON THE GLASS is an official selection of the 2020 Capital City Film Festival in Lansing, Michigan and the 2020 Buffalo International Film Festival (screened as a special presentation).

"Covering up a heinous act leads to an opportunity to live the life he’s always wanted for a man (Chase Fein) trapped between his blue-collar roots and his elite college friends in Kevin Del Principe’s thrilling drama Up On The Glass." John J. Fink, Artistic Director of the Buffalo International Film Festival

What reviewers are saying about UP ON THE GLASS 

“ Full of tension and great dramatic performances, this thriller is bound to keep you up at night dwelling on its many themes as conversations become competitions and, finally, consequences that only lead to despair” -Loron Hays, Reel Reviews

“Director and co-writer Kevin Del Principe shows plenty of command with his helming of this tale, and he has the patience to trust that most audiences will take the ride […]” -Kevin Renick, Zachary Mule


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