Searching for Paradise



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"I'm interested in talking to people who share my hope that we can use technology to improve society but who find it equally important to unpack the ways technology is not working in our favor. I believe that when we are willing to look at topics with hopeful but questioning eyes, we pave the way to a better future." Nikki Del Principe, host of Searching for Paradise.

About the Host: Nikki Del Principe, Co-Founder of production company Save Them Wild Dogs, is a writer and filmmaker who grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and who now resides in Memphis, TN. She has been published in such outlets as Litro U.S.District Lit, and Sleet Magazine. In addition to her fiction work, Nikki also writes about the impacts of emerging technologies on culture and society for various magazines and media outlets. Nikki co-wrote and produced the indie feature film, Up on the Glass, and earned her MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from the University of Southern California and BA in Biology from Dartmouth College.