The Good Rascals

The Good Rascals

“I’ve always felt like an outsider who does not fit in but still cares about the world. Who is with me? My thought is that lots of people feel this way, and that feeling apart from institutions but still connected to them is a good posture to reimagine the world. This podcast is about highlighting people who are on a path less traveled but keep walking and caring and imagining different ways of being. I’m interested in chatting with and learning from rascals who use their mischievous ways to make the world better.” Kevin Del Principe, host of The Good Rascals

About the Host: Kevin Del Principe, Co-Founder of production company Save Them Wild Dogs, is a writer and film director. The son of a snowplow truck driver and a school nurse, Kevin grew up outside of Buffalo but now makes his home in Memphis. I Animal is Kevin’s debut novel, published by Tumbleweed Books. He directed and co-wrote the feature film Up on the Glass, available in North America through Gravitas Ventures. Kevin earned his MFA in Writing for Screen and Television at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Special thanks to Brian Pascoe for creating the jingle for The Good Rascals. Check him out on instagram @brianpassgo. Intro podcast lyrics written by Kevin Del Principe.


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  • Ep 4 Keith Del Principe - Passion, Planting Seeds, and Passing the Torch
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe talks with his brother Keith Del Principe (artist, ecologist and animator) about how Keith developed a meditative practice to rewire his mind and better connect to his body in order to create art and pursue a "greatness" that he says is inside all of us. Along with his partner, bekky […]
  • Ep 3 David Ngo - Living in a Sliver
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe chats with his good friend David Ngo (writer, filmmaker, college teacher, and podcast host of the Best Story I Never Told) about David feeling like an outsider growing up and how that feeling has continued even today. David shares about living in between multiple worlds/cultures, and how he has learned […]
  • Ep 2 Jared Hernandez - Having Diverse Interests and a Little Bit of Grace
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe chats with Jared Hernandez (writer, musician, visual artist) about having diverse creative passions. Kevin also chats with Jared about his feeling a little on the outside of a church experience as a teenager and young man, and how it taught him to give people a little bit of grace.
  • Ep 1 Nikki Del Principe - Holding Tensions: Santa, No Santa, and Finding Poetic Spirituality
    The Good Rascals host Kevin Del Principe chats with Nikki Del Principe (writer, producer, actor) about her experience feeling like an outsider growing up and how that has propelled her to reframe old institutions as well as create new institutions to foster constructive meaning for herself and others. 

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